Wednesday, 28 September 2016

"Friday Friends" 1 - 14 October 2016

Our group of friends paint together on a Friday at a local community hall. It is a wonderful opportunity for like-minded people to spend time away from the distractions at home to be able to be creative.

Participating artists are: Ann Waterson, Beulah van Rooyen,  Anna Viljoen Marie Mansfield,  Hazel Nunes, and  Brenda Pratt. All are members of USCAA (the Upper South Coast Art Association). 
Brenda Pratt, "Hagie Sofia, Istanbul"

“Femergy” – a group exhibition about a female lens on worldly issues 1 – 14 October 2016

2016 has begun with a series of explorations of the expressive and humanistic, depiction of issues that have affected most of the Third year DUT Fine Art female art students.

The collection of work looks at: identity, environmental and gender issues, as well as nostalgic. The interest in non-tradition media is very evident on the works that have been chosen. As a group of third year art students we have found that through most of our studying careers not much of the art we study focuses on the young female artist and wanted to delve into this.

Participating fine art students are: 
Alka Dass, Amy Waller, Bukelwa Vuyolwetu Ndakisa, Carla Foo, Chandre Solomon, Jessica Forster, Malinda Cebekhulu Ngcobo, Mandisa Mngadi, Nondumiso Msenti, Nokuphila Gwala, Tusani Mngomezulu, Yasmin Dadabhay

We hope this exhibition will inspire more young female artists.

Mandisa Mngadi, "Division of State", ceramic

artSPACE durban Exchange

Dear Artists of Durban and Surrounds,

Join us at artSPACE durban for the fourth of our exciting art exchange exhibitions. This is an artist-orientated event. We have fun and pay tribute to ourselves as artists. With most awards, the decision is made by a panel of judges and often strangely influenced and rather baffling.

With our Artists’ Choice Award, only the participating artists can vote for the best work on show. We believe this gives a respectful ear to you, our artists, so your voice and choice can be heard. This year we will have a Jury award a prize. The prizes on offer, besides the winners of the Artist’s Choice Award and the Jury Award, will be Lucky Draws of R750 and R 250, and once again numerous lucky draw prizes. Last year we had gift vouchers from Classic Canvas, Spectrum, and Village Hardware.

How it works:
Each participating artist will pay an entry fee of R200 and collect an entry form and 40 x 20 cm canvas (1 per person) from the gallery from Wednesday 7th September 2016. Other media are welcome, but are required to fit into the size criteria. In this case, the entry fee will be less the canvas cost of R50, i.e. R150.

The Theme: ‘Pool’

Each artist on entering agrees to:-
a) take part in the draw that will see each artist take home one piece of work by another participating artist (you may draw the winning piece!)
b) vote for the best work on show.

Participating in the exhibition:
1) gives you the right to vote for the artwork of choice
2) guarantees you an original artwork in exchange for yours
3) gives you a chance to receive one of the cash prizes or vouchers

We want all artists to sign their works, but the signatures will be covered or you could sign on the back.

Entries must be delivered to the gallery by latest 4pm on the 13th of October. The exhibition will open at artSPACE durban on Saturday, 15th October and it is up for 1 week, so artists need to look carefully, and cast their vote by 4pm on the 20th. The draw and award event is on Thursday, 20th October at 6p.m.

Participants do not have to be present, but may nominate someone to make their draw and collect their new work; and/or receive their awards. Remember: each participant will win/receive another artist's work (could be the winner, a known or unknown artist)!

At artSPACE durban we (the participating artists, that is) will thus vote in the artSPACE durban Artists’ Choice of 2016. We love the fun everyone has (especially first time exhibitors), and the discernment of the artists in voting, and we really love the dissemination of the art – that every single piece goes home with someone. So cut loose! Let rip! Have fun!

There will be car guards at the opening.

artSPACE durban Artists’ Choice Award of 2016 prizes:

Total cash prizes R4,500 + vouchers
Jury and artist’s awards
Lucky Draw

We hope many of you will participate and have a lot of fun playing in the pool of meanings of pool!
The artSPACE durban team


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

“Assimilation” by Corné Eksteen 10 - 29 September 2016

Artist’s Statement

Assimilation is traditionally defined as the process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological characteristics of a group. However within the social dynamics of the post-information age, the factors that define a group, a culture, even a national identity has much wider reach and influence. We live in a hyper-connected society where we are willingly submitting to the values and opinions of the group, where our sense of personal identity and cultural values are subject to public scrutiny and constant evaluation. Our traditional sense of community has been replaced by a “hive-mind” mentality that doesn’t tolerate or embrace alternative opinions, opposition and sub-cultures.
Through the use of portraiture the works explore how our own sense of personal and cultural identity is being subjected to the expectations, values and norms presented by the group / collective / “hive-mind”. Through the creation of new archetypes / stereotypes it will explore the undermining of individuality, otherness, sub-cultures and traditional culture through group pressure towards a homogeneous culture and world view.

The show contains an augmented reality aspect that can be viewed on the exhibition website: 

Corné will have a walkabout of his show on Wednesday, 21 Sept at 11a.m.


Monday, 29 August 2016

"Ingelosi ye Nyama" Angels of Meat by Michelle Luffingham Opening on Saturday, 3 September at 11a.m.

In the good old days, meat was meat.  Real honest to goodness sustenance - what you saw was what you got.  It matured naturally and tasted wholesome.  We have been enthusiastic meat eaters for approximately the last 200 000 years with incisors for tearing meat and molars for grinding it.

Only in approximately the last 10 000 years has there been a diet shift with the cultivation of grains and legumes.  This has introduced the modern trend with a changeover to vegetarianism and veganism amongst some consumers.

Although meat is a popular food source in South Africa, it has recently lost credibility due to mass production, GMO feed, injection of antibiotics/hormones and pumping.   Not to mention, the donkey meat debate and the questioning of free range labeling.

As much as consumers drive markets, they need to be careful, however, of banding about the buzz words – organic, anti-biotic free and hormone-free.  They often do not understand the value of certain modern agricultural practices nor the pressures of an every increasing population, and a decrease in agricultural land.  Some farmers say that farmers will always be exploited - no matter what methods they use.

So, every industry has its story from production to the end product.
This exhibition aims to focus on a small but vital segment of that process.
It is a tribute to the meat conductors who offload these heavy weights in large volumes.

The physical strength needed to lift an entire carcass, or primal; be it a baconer (+/-65-85kg), a beef forequarter (+/-50-60kg) or hindquarter (+/50-60kg) is huge. These men and even women, may lift their own body weight and more, in fast succession, over 2-3 hours depending on the delivery.  It requires a certain type of stamina and spirit.
Sounds like “shova” (push), “phakamisa” (lift), “bamba”(hold), “twala” (carry) abound.
Very few people I know would be able to keep calm and carry on.

There is a definite rhythm and a sense of “ubuntu” as they breathe, lift, breathe, carry, breathe and pass on these mighty beasts. It is quite amazing to watch.
It is a physical task, so obviously vital in the chain, with very little recognition.
I tell them they are the “ingelosi ye nyama” – the angels of meat.
To me they are the bringers of protein, iron, zinc, B-vitamins and deliciousness!
For the first time they begin to smile, and swell with pride.

Having been in the industry for 7 years, I have often times experienced the flippant commentary and ignorance of retailers and consumers, who have no clue as to the background dynamics of getting their “steak to their plate”.

This is a tribute to those who do.  To their strength, and their fortitude, and their guts.

Siyabonga Ingelosi Ye Nyama.